About Us

RAH! Spirit began in April 2010.  The president, Jay Brandon, has been coaching cheerleading for 26 years. Jay previously owned several gyms across the southeast in the late 90’s and early 00’s.  After a 6-year break, he decided to get back into the cheerleading industry, and RAH! Spirit was born. After our first year of business, we are proud to say RAH! Spirit is the fastest growing program in the country! We currently have approximately 1,100 students enrolled in our organization.
At RAH! Spirit our philosophy is to build relationships first and do business second.  It is our goal to have the best cheerleading equipment and state of the art technology. We make it a priority to give every athlete individual attention. When you walk into the gym, you become part of our family. We take pride in all of our athletes, parents and teams.  We are very proud to offer classes for all ages and skills levels. Our greatest joy as coaches is seeing our athletes grow in our program as cheerleaders and individuals.

Our Mission

  • Enriching the Lives of Families & Children Through Sport
  • To Set an Example in Encouraging Growth of Character, Teamwork, & Discipline
  • To Offer a Safe Environment for All Athletes to Develop the Skills Needed for Success
  • To Provide the Best Cheerleading & Dance Instruction

Our Facility

Our facility is 15,000 square feet of heated/air-conditioned space.  We have 2 full size spring floors that give a combined 100’ of linear tumbling space.  We have 1 non-spring floor. We also have a 40’ tumble trak with an above ground foam pit at the end.

We have 7 portable sound systems throughout the gym. All are Bluetooth/iPod/iPhone capable.

Our quiet lobby features beautiful custom furniture with a flat screen TV. Doors separate the lobby from the gym helping to eliminate noise. We offer free WiFi throughout the lobby and gym.

We have a studio-like kitchen that is open to all our clients. It features oak cabinets, a stainless steel sink, microwave, toaster oven, and refrigerator.  Inside the gym we have a water fountain plus a Gatorade/Water Machine and Snack Machine.